The depths of my mind

drowning in despair

biting the overgrowth of nails that should stay away from chalkboards – the red dripping lips which were nibbled away – the chipped teeth which tried to ajar caps kept too tight – chipped teeth trying to open cans because my nails are too short. tap tap tap when I’m restless on the floor on beat with the bit of my drill tap tap tap, fanning my pencil in my fingers like a rifle. Running Out, Tried Capturing, attention of bystanters until they say hello and my lips chop chop to the stutter of my feet, chop chop to the clipping of my nails, chop chop as I keep cutting my self down to the stumped mindless mischevious maleviolent menace – Miles – given treats of breath graciously holding it in until I pass out.
under water under gravity over dense circles – black black – tear blue drip drip
falling until I fade, walking till ive wade, walking away – troubled trialed tear drop sway – dancing with blades – cutting cutting the overgrowth of waves smacking my pavement wading me deeper into the ocean draging into bays with tides and titles that drown with fraid fingers flicking phone aphabets that start with 1 and end with shift,
One shift of my mind’s mood,
A windy day at a park – my mood keeps swinging without joy, but with phases of intentity draining me of color, pasty face heart doesnt race because im left empty despensed under waves Ive met.

Drowning in despair

Author: slimyslang

Hi, I’m miles! I’m not an experienced writer and will be posting poetry and whatever comes to mind. Any suggestions help me become a better writer, Thanks! Also.. I rap as well. If you feel the need to rattle your ears check out my soundcloud: my Instagram is: @cloutwrap I post artsy photos :)

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