Cold Feet

Shimmering water under clowdy haze barley letting the light of day seep through 

the base of clouds, a page turn close to night, the sparkling water reminds my heart there’s still light. the black water reminds me of night and the cold breeze touching my bare ankles unprotected by my clothes makes me loath people who remembered to wear longer socks.
My hair reaches toward the sky and my goose bumps concuss my feet freezing and freeing warmth as it depletes slowly bleeding releasing cozy feelings left in the air breeze and the sky line of trees commit treason to leaves which take breeze and float to the grown and are digested by mother nature decomposing remnants of the hands which coversed the branch which covered the forest from gazing drifters.
I am a drifter, drifting amongst the wind, taken to whatever direction the vane is pointing in
I roost in the water where wisps rock my canoe dipping in black waters
Light barely bounces as insects flutter amongst my chilled body – on rocks – icey.
I swat at beaks buzzing their lips over my skin showing a hidden gorge of red drip.
Morge mouthed vultures try to rip flesh from my empty skin, why’d I forget socks again these flying pests discovered my pastey shins to rim there mouth with red. What blissfullness ruined by cold insects.

Author: slimyslang

Hi, I’m miles! I’m not an experienced writer and will be posting poetry and whatever comes to mind. Any suggestions help me become a better writer, Thanks! Also.. I rap as well. If you feel the need to rattle your ears check out my soundcloud: my Instagram is: @cloutwrap I post artsy photos :)

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