The helpless troublemaker


It’s a desperate plea to end all of my misery.
I endlessly repeat with intention to reach out and find
I reject help when it’s found
I’m battling
I’m traveling spouting blasphemy to draw attention
Tear down my barriers and force help into the travesty that I’ve become.
Death is honning – hovering – lingering – singing songs of happiness on the other side of the ground.
She is enthusiastically endearing to my cause .
Free the love that lures me into the lunatic house
Please pour you poison freeing my pleas with your precious pleasant bittersweet pureness – no precaution – just please indulge yourself in my presence.
Help Me
Help Me free. Help me be, unbroken.
Ducktape me, glue me, I hope your mighty putty can withstand my touch.
Im Repulsive so i recluse myself in a noose which loops around my blooper body, a mess up, the rope strings around my neck hugging me for what I’m worth.
Hold me tight – hold me up – hold my freight as I grasp you terrified.
I’m opening the gates to hell and letting myself into the jailsell that will hold my mind of mischief captive for eternity
I’m further down the line than even I anticipated, I want to be free, nothing is holding me back so when I eventually crack ill be a dog on the loose running away from trailing troubles. Dreary weather reminds me the world is a corrupt cultivation of conniving crude culprits of the cold cloudy chilling shroud bloomed over humanity. I’m part of the piece, I fit in just right, but the problem is I can’t live with being terrible among the living light, when it’s sunny I loose myself among my computers in my room captivating my hunger for murderous rapant rampage running through my rushing veinss telling me to end what I’ve begun.
Help Me is what I’ve sung,
I’m stuck in this room and I’ve begun
To sink into the floorboard finding that living with the rodents is just like on land.
I’m just as terrible, so I’ve become one of them
I’m running under your house, I’m running into your home, I’m a scurrying rodent
just trying to find a house to call home.
I’m trying to find help
To uplift me from my troubles
I’m the troublemaker who can’t fix his problems

Author: slimyslang

Hi, I’m miles! I’m not an experienced writer and will be posting poetry and whatever comes to mind. Any suggestions help me become a better writer, Thanks! Also.. I rap as well. If you feel the need to rattle your ears check out my soundcloud: my Instagram is: @cloutwrap I post artsy photos :)

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