Journal entry 3 – 1:52 am 

Reminisce to a time of happiness.

Knowing that with every new wave our grainy sandcastle ingrained in the decline plane will get knocked down into the blue white capped ocean. Every thing we built up, knocked down. Soaked with sorrow, a large cup – half empty of saline tears, endlessly crashes against the shadows under my eyes. Every night the tower that once stood looms over my soaked white body. I crashed into what we had. I was the rolling white cap that thrust my full force love that filled our castle with unwanted feelings of fulfillment and happiness. It wasn’t ideal for you. I didn’t understand. I was lost, confused,angry. I capped my fumes even though I knew the scaring was permanent. I tried to contain the crash, but I became beached among sunsoakers trying to find the light in the world. I guess that’s where you stand. I was a white cap that tumbled into a tidal wave which you surfed while you could withstand the fluctuations and trembles of my sweaty palms as I grasped what I hoped was mine until you brewed my storm and let me free to havok humanity hurling my crashing feelings freeing my anger on bystander’s sand castles created by unsuspecting naiveness – naked to the truths of my pouring poisonous plee to harmlessly splash you. I just wanted your attention. We had a sand castle. We built it up from nothing. I looked away for a second – now there’s scarce traces of crumbled happiness destroyed by my recoil when I realised – You would never love me. 

Author: slimyslang

Hi, I’m miles! I’m not an experienced writer and will be posting poetry and whatever comes to mind. Any suggestions help me become a better writer, Thanks! Also.. I rap as well. If you feel the need to rattle your ears check out my soundcloud: my Instagram is: @cloutwrap I post artsy photos :)

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